Sunday, July 31, 2005

Exquisite Corpse Goes Underground

Being a volunteer Gallery Director at The Empty Space Gallery has it's perks. Today I mingled with eight corpse (...or is it Corpsi?) for the August Gallery exhibit "Exquisite Corpse." What is an Exquisite Corpse and how might I mingle with them you ask? Well, you can dance with the dead at the upcoming gallery opening on Saturday, August 6 from 5 - 7pm at The Empty Space Theatre at 706 Oak Street behind Pizzaville. Death to the hyper-chic, tentative, safe, fixed and staid atmosphere of your normal art gallery!

Is your curiosity piqued?

Wanna hear more about it? Check out the Buck City podcast and get the inside scoop! Wanna see some of the artists that are participating in the show? Visit: Damon Dorsey, Gita Lloyd and Nick Belardes.