Sunday, November 30, 2008

How long has it been?

Life has been a bit of a twirl since the art show at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. As some of you may know, I have a day job as an internal leadership development coach and advisor. Outside of my day job I am an artist, a small business consultant and coach, improvisor and sometimes blogger. As you can see I have been slacking on the blogging and keeping you updated on the newest art projects and random musings.

List of things that have gone and are going on:
  • I was accepting to The Second City Training Center's improvisation conservatory. I am just finishing up conservatory one and heading on to two in January.
  • Next week I am hanging a show at Valentien's in Bakersfield.
  • I am finishing writing up a grant for a local art project.
  • Currently, I am being psychically and physically stalked by an ex-girlfriend of a man I am dating. (Had a lovely Springeresque midnight moment on my lawn. Yep, it is true!)
  • My Ohio gallery had to shut their doors.
  • I finished another coaching certification to teach the class Corporate Coach U. I am planning on offering classes mid-2009.
  • I am hoping to be vegetarian by 2009. I am slowly transitioning.
  • I have been posting too many pictures of my cats on my Facebook and Myspace accounts.
  • I'm thinking...just thinking of taking a hip hop dance class. If you know me...this is funny.
  • My next blog will be more interesting than this one.
Non-perfunctory posts promised period.