Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of Years Again Completes Itself

Of Years Again Completes Itself
8.5" x 11"

I am excited to have recently participated in A Community of Printmakers honoring my former professor James D. Butler as the 2012 Outstanding Printmaker by Mid-America Print Council.

I haven't done true printmaking since I was in college, so I was a bit nervous when asked to participate. Luckily, I have been hauling around throughout my years and travels piles of proofs, half done prints and a lot of who knows what from my years in college. So, I began my archaeology dig from flat file to flat file.  I was thrilled when I excavated a series of proof prints I did in Jim's class.  This particular series of half-done prints were part of a special project I was doing for an Advanced Printmaking class.  The base of this piece is a lithography with a cream color roll. I decided to add a mix of all the mediums I have used since graduating college. I added sumi ink, graphite, lino-cut, encaustic and oil. If I could have added a found object it would have been a complete history of my art making to date.

Jim taught at Illinois State University from 1976 until 2009. He was recognized by Illinois State University in 2000 as a Distinguished Professor and on November 1, 2012 as Outstanding Printmaker.

You can see Jim and the complete portfolio at the Normal Editions Workshop website: A Community of Printmakers