Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Groundlings...here I come...with my checkbook.

Oh the joy, the excitement, the small deposit made into my bucket of happiness! I took my first class at The Groundlings theatre with my good friend Greg. It is a basic class, costs $250 and happens for five more Saturdays. We are doing the basics, but it feels good, safe and fun. I, of course, was the first and the only to go south with my improv bit. We were playing "Man in the middle." This game has three people on stage. The two outside players are given individual topics that are intentionally boring/plain such as Q-tips, cardboard, twigs etc. The goal is to get the person seated in the middle to pay attention to you. My topic was laundry detergent. My instant thought was that I love the way it feels when you get a little powder on you hand and are scrubbing in a spot...the detergent gets all slippery. So, of course I had to talk about how I love to rub it all over my body...I got the girl in the middle's attention, but was lovingly spanked by my instructor on going south. Lesson learned for this dirty minded, baby Groundling wanna-be.

Monday, April 17, 2006


With a giant red wig and an amazing costume made out of bras (thank you Jo and Jayne!) I will be making an appearance in Titsling this Saturday in Hollywood Hills! Read all about this amazing new musical comedy by AJProductions!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm a cheater.

I cheated. I’m posting to the world in an attempt at a karmic apology. Many of you may remember my BIG art project for the year. This project was to start on January 1, 2006. My project was to do a piece of art a day. Then I asked you, my kind readers to assist me with my project calculations so that each piece would be the same size and then become a part of a bigger piece representing everyday of 2006. I think you may know where this is going, but it is a bit more disheartening then you may think…

Excuses starting here: January 1, 2006 approached with much anticipation. I ordered 31 small wood squares (4” x 4”) from Dick Blick adding in the additional cost for speedy and on-time delivery. The day before the project…no squares and I was to leave town for a work trip. I already had planned to take my project on the road but didn’t account for being squareless.

Here is where my deviance reared its ugly head: I didn’t do a project on Day 1 or Day 2…waiting for the squares I thought, I’ll just do a bunch on they day they arrive. Day 3 arrives, squares arrive, but I was tired. They can wait for Day 4 as I will have time to crank them out and no one would be the wiser. Day 16…still nothing but the broad strokes of guilt. Maybe I could take a long weekend and just get an assembly line started and then stay true to the project’s description of doing a piece a day. I started sifting through old drawings and putting the wood squares over interesting parts of them, x-actoing them out…yet, I was too lazy to even glue them on the wooden squares!

Then I thought, maybe I’ll wait until my birthday and begin the project then…May 31. So there you have it, I’ve come clean. You have my word I shall not cheat you again on my grand artistic endeavors. I will be true to all pre-described project guidelines. I will come clean on all failures and publicly note all deviations to said project. I will not try and sneak in any of the pre-cut drawings I made for the former back-dated project. Promise.

My next project will start on May 31st and I will do a piece for each day of my birthday year.