Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just some harmless butt wagging.

Last Saturday I was driving down I-5 to Los Angeles for my Improvisation class at the Second City training center. I was happily bopping along in my car rental (due to a recent car crash) and thoroughly enjoying the Sirius radio station by singing along to Erasure, Depeche Mode and the Indigo Girls. I was breaking the chains of love and getting closer to fine in my very hip mini-van.

Oblivious only for a moment, I catch a glimpse of flesh in the corner of my eye. A group of boys were driving beside me with their butts hanging out of each window and enthusiastically spanking them for my benefit. I chuckled but instantly turned my face to stone and did a very motherly, "I'm so disappointed in you" head shake. That was my response? Didn't I have a cooler response readily available? Should I have rated the butts with a thumbs up or thumbs down? Should I have acted like I was phoning 911 to report nude butt wagging on I-5? Nope, all I had was a stinkin' head shake.

But actually, I don't just have a head shake in me...I have much, much more...yes, I have an art sale going on too!

So, pull those pants up and get on over to my online store!

I am selling the Ohio Grouping work as single pieces. If you are insterested in the whole group let me know.