Tuesday, December 20, 2005

If a train A leaves the station on 1/1/06 at noon and Train B leaves….!

Gather around all you mathematical maniacs, I need your help. I will be starting a new art project on January 1st and unfortunately, Mom and Pop didn’t pass along the math gene. Starting on the 1st of the New Year I’m going to capture next year by doing a small piece of artwork each day.

Ultimately, I want each piece to make up a one final piece if I were to hang or mount them side-by-side and up and down. I’m hoping the overall year will take the form of a rectangle. I want to keep each day’s artwork to a small square or rectangle, preferably in the 4” x 5” range. I’m flexible with the overall look of the final piece, but do want the smaller pieces to be easily cut out of wood or other material. If you can keep it simple for me…I will love you forever! So, is it possible?

Someone out there was given my math gene and must use it for good. Is that you?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ooooooo, ooo, ooo!

Today was like Christmas Morning as I stood in line at the Post office. Like a small child waiting to talk to Santa, I hear a booming voice hush the crowd. “Anyone that doesn’t have a cash transaction can step over here.” I looked around at all the droopy faces when the jolly Postal worker (OK, jolly might be stretching this story a bit) made eye contact with me. He had the…you just won the prize of the day grin, sorta. Yep, in my mental pj’s with the built in footies, I gleefully shuffled right up to the front and happily turned over my UPS notice. Oh the joy I felt as I skipped out to my car to rip open my package!

What to my wondering eyes should I see, but my lil’ fiver post waiting for me! I know, enough already with the lame Christmas theme…

Awe, my very first artist stamp.

Thank you Anna Banana for your hard work. Thank you Tim Mancusi for setting the stamp up digitally. His stamp is the one with the gun right next to my non-politically inspired Fiver. The stamps turned out great!

I know, my picture posts are pretty poor quality…a scanner is on the Christmas list!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Wanna see my etchings?

The past couple weeks have been heart warming and nostalgic. In preparation for Scrooge’s “Everything-Under-$99” Art Bazaar I blew the dust off my flat files and did some digging into the “Early Works of Ms. Julia Heatherwick!” Oh yes, the troubled yet innocent youth was captured in the form of Intaglio prints. College was filled with Keystone beer, pizza, “don’t Bogart that can mannn” and a lot of “Wanna see my etchings?”

Come on out December 10 to The Empty Space and I’ll show you a lot more from noon – 7:00 pm!