Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photos from my iPhone.

Yes, I am one of those iPhone walking commercials. I try to contain my enthusiasm for my newest app, but I have to get the photo app love out of my system.

My recent favorite apps: TiltShiftGen (mushroom and cat shoe fetish), CameraBag (Rag-rolled elf pic, Ella May in a bag) ToyCamera (Freakish Eyeball close-up, Piper - Chubby models rule and Ella May modeling Twiggy Style)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Insurance Rock?

Most of you know that I have a day job working as a Leadership Development Advisor and Coach for an Insurance Company. I work in a large, four story building with a beautiful, sky-lit atrium with escalators and a player piano.

It is a job the requires me to be creatively contained. However, I have a secret desire to burst out into song or obscenities while drifting down the escalator.

I would like to proclaim a musical day where everyone breaks out into song.

I'm not sure why this TV series didn't stay on a bit longer. What an inspiration.