Saturday, February 11, 2006

Irvine Hilton Hotel

Vignette 1 (1 of a 3)
(Irvine Hilton Hotel Elevator)

Woman 1: Thanks for holding the elevator! 5 please.
Man 1: No problem.
Woman 1: Thanks again...have a nice evening.
Man 1: Inaudible response.

Vignette 2 (2 of a 3)
(Irvine Hilton Hotel Room 538)

Woman 1: (Woman 1 struggles to pull in her black, laptop pull case with a large, black boxed brief case with combination locks balanced on top of the laptop case. On top of the black brief case she has her black make-up case. In the other hand she pushes her new, select-a-gift Christmas or rather holiday gift given yearly by her company, small black pull luggage through the heavy door of Room 538. She walks into the room and sets her purse and room key on the double bed located closest to the window. She carries her black make-up bag into the bathroom and unpacks her toothbrush and toothpaste. She uncovers the glassware’s white, paper lid and places her toothbrush in it. She lines up her moisturizer, small, zippered make-up bag, hairspray, dental floss, hair wax and zippered jewelry case. She places her razor and shaving cream in the shower. Takes the soap out of the small, white carton and places it next to the sink. Stripping down to her underwear, she throws her clothes in a pile under the sink. Walking into the bedroom, she picks up her luggage and places it on the bed next to her purse. Unzips it and takes out the clothes left on hangers and still in the dry-cleaning bag. She walks over to the mirrored closet, looks at herself up and down, frowns and opens the closet door. With one quick movement, she hangs up her clothes and leaves the door open. Moving around the bed located next to the closet, she pulls back the white comforter and tugs the sheet roughly from under each corner of the bed. She clumsily crawls into bed and sighs.)

Vignette 3 (3 of a 3 )
(Irvine Hilton Hotel Floor 5)

Woman 1: (Walking into the hallway from room 538, sees man across the hall outside his door)
Man 1: (Looking slightly confused, glancing to his left then right) Which way is the elevator?
Woman 1: This way. (She smiles) A little disoriented?
Man 1: No, just confused. Forgot where I was for a second.
Woman 1: Stayed in one too many hotels?
Man 1: No.